Between the lines of insanity and sanity lie tiny threads of knowingness

They float like wisps of cotton in the wind, of my mind

And sitting there on one is something you said to me

Which I grab and hold, in its tiny frailness, and keep it near…

Put it in a pouch which I carry around my neck

For protection against villainous worlds of people

Who would undo my joy —

This tiny sparkle, a simple statement

Is the hardest diamond truth and laughs off lasers like the lightning of God

Your words to me were only brief,

A sigh, as in the midst of sleep, almost a dreamed thought in the night…

So quiet, unobtrusive as a lark, perched on the highest branch of life

It reached my ears like caverns, where one whisper would awaken much

That’s parched with silence, listening…

Until the very heart is dry and cracked and cannot beat but waits

With one full glass of tears to cry if one sound could be heard.


And then the roar of that one sound

Echoing through, to bring

An avalanche of life


You simply said…
”I love you.”



Lane DiBlasi

January 15, 2004



Photo by Toy Elephant Photography