Screaming through dreaming I find my floor again

Are you going to let me drown or

Can love save us?

Through spirals, grief, despair, puzzles and wrong answers, I search for You, for Us, for magic and fairy dust,  but the leaves from the tree of life don’t turn into money so I ….. cry.

Are we doomed

Are we paper burning in a fire

Can the trap turn into a carnival

Can this carnival really be a trap?

Why isn’t Love a Swiss Army knife to unlock all doors? I thought

It was the Garden of Eden

Now it’s just weeds

I want butterflies and you say, we have ants would that be ok?

I am flying in whorls of panic, anxiety, despair, you are trapped in a traffic jam between here and Hell

I love you. That never changed.  I am going to live, that is now changing.

I am change.

I am mighty.

I am life.

The spiders ate the rest of the birthday cake.

I’m going to go breathe, now.  See you later.