short film elisabeth donaldson poetry
Photo by Molly Lins

Wind me up

I’ll get your dinner and

no, I don’t need to eat

‘cause I’m a winner


Don’t worry about

this porcelean face

I was born this way

Don’t worry- the dishes are done,

now I’ll lie in the sun and melt away


Just drug me and

put me to work—

I’ll look fabulous

I’ll be nothing but curves

as i disintegrate

Just drug me and leave me

the keys

so I can go outside, please


It’s hard being perfect for you

But I’ll do what I can—

if I feel alone, there’s always alcohol

If I get downhearted

I’ll put more lipstick on

I’ll practice being clean.

Aren’t I your perfect dream?


Once long ago, I had a conscience

Once long ago, I thought this and that

But this apron and these lovely wooden spoons

are all I know now

they’re all I love in this world.


It’s too bad I need batteries

To live in ecstasy


If I were to act like myself, you wouldn’t love me

If I were to have an opinion, I’d be fried

So I’ll put more lipstick on

And be satisfied.


And when my soul cries…

I’ll just anesthetize.


And when my heart breaks..

I’ll just remember, I’m a fake.


–L.K.E.  Jan 5, 2017

elisabeth donaldson
Ruth Chapa Photography