Love is all we are.
Everything else, is onion skin
When peeled away…. it reveals the spicy/sweet
Nature of our hearts
When we love, we are spiritually un-clothed
When someone loves us, they are showing us their skin
Their deepest part,
Inside where the heart is so red it’s nothing but pure Life

But when we seek love,
We want to be complete, find the match that will attach
But we put on these layers of makeup, personality, clothes, masks, coats,
God no longer recognizes us and neither do we
If Love can’t see you, can YOU see you?
How can your Love find you, if you can’t find yourself?

And we wallow in the lower harmonics of emotion
Fear, hate, anger, pain,
Forgetting the beauty we are,
Forgetting to look at the stars
Forgetting to sing and dance
Being a walking lie in a trance,
When all we need to do is
Rise, like the tide,
And fall like rain from above.
All we are is Love.