When you come out of darkness…

You remember to feel your fingers.

You remember to comb your hair.

Your feet can feel the temperature of the earth

And your lungs remember to breathe.

Colors don’t swim, they sit still.

Blue is quietly blue.

Red is admittedly red.

Green is a rhetorical question.

When you come out of darkness…

Food tastes good again.

Water is understanding to your tongue

The wind brushes your skin like a compliment

When you awake from that nightmare

It’s the first day of your life

It’s the first day that’s ever been right

It’s like being born.

Your soul can reach beyond your skull and grow

Fly away like the breeze.

Only love can bring light from darkness

Only love can repair a broken spirit

Like rain washes away smog on a scorched sunset

The Spirit dissolves grey and black to leave gorgeous hues

And you remember, you

Are you.