Just when I was

Utterly without mirth

I found a bottle of it

Lying on your couch

And you were drinking amply

In the way most men do

You looked sweetly ragged

After a day so long

Full of hard realities

I think I gave you a look

To say, you’re not alone

In your head, you know

And it was silent but very loud

Like the thunder of a kiss

And in the moment your eyes

Reached out and locked with mine

You deactivated my circuits

Leaving the soul detached

And leaving me open

For interpretation

When I sat across from you

It was like being melted out of

An ice berg by a quiet sun

And your eyelashes and beautiful mouth

Were more liquor than I could possibly hold.

In the morning, the hangover

Was deep and vast as a canyon

And burned like coal in my eyes.

And I knew it wasn’t leaving

For a very long time.

Copyright 2003.