I tried to bite a diamond

to see if it would break

I tried to slow my heartbeat

to see if it would race

I tried to bend a planet

And blow it into dust

I tried to cry in steel bars

to see if they would rust.

I tried to love a stranger

and bring him to the light

But he was dark incarnate

and he led me into night.

And in the end, I lost him

for demons cannot breathe

the air in which I laugh and play.

And so, he had to leave.

I tried to cope with distance

I tried to conquer fear

Lonely is the truth, my love

How I wish you were here.

I doubt you’ll ever see me

For I’ll reclaim my youth.

I’ve known from the beginning

That lonely lies the truth.

But I don’t want this climax

This bitter, nauseous end

I don’t believe you want to

Be just some silly friend.

Your timing is ridiculous

This tale is tragic, more

Than anything I’ve dared to dream

And had it slam the door.

Copyright 2009