I dreamt of us as two intertwined thoughts

Memories of two different times,

Stuck together like pages in a book,

So close in their content that you can’t tell them apart.

I dreamt we were two sides of a sentence

One side just touching the other

With just a conjunction in between

to cool the fire.

I dreamt we were two years that culminated with one perfect day.

I dreamt you were dreaming too…

I dreamt we were sideways glances from strangers

That accidentally met across an intersection

In busy traffic, busy

As the universe – but which

Stops and suspends itself sometimes, for us.

I dreamt we weren’t dreaming at all, but

Falling across distances to a place in common

Outside the physical.

And when I woke, you were there

When you woke, I was there.

How distance loves to strain love until we ache-

And like a string, snap us back together again.

Copyright 2015