If Love was a person

I think she would be

perturbed at all the crazy stuff people do in her name.

I mean, like, death and stuff

All the fits of anger and

Broken glass

Letters filled with poison

I think Love would say, no, that was never me

I don’t poison, I don’t hate, I don’t retaliate

I am only what I am.

I think Love would want to say, if you want me you have to give me


If you need me you have to cease needing me.

If you feel me, you will understand me

You will only receive me when someone truly gives me to you

But you can give me freely, whenever you want to.

Don’t try to covet or own me, but only ever give, and I will come

flooding into your life like the morning sun

Falling into your life like spring rains

I will be the foundation of your life like the earth

If you do not break me first.