I am here

You notice me and move into my space. I’m still


You stay around and gradually we meld together

Until you seem like part of me.

Then you leave. But I’m still


Sometimes people yell at me for just feeling.

For just being.

For existing.

I am offensive in my existence I suppose- because I am


Sometimes my voice is just too close to truth and some people don’t like


I am here

You cut me down and break my smaller branches

yet the force of me remains, though now I am crying, I’m still


When lightning and nuclear bombs

Like “I don’t love you” are

exploding in my living room I’m

bleeding lying underneath the rubble, and my spirit is written all over your


When you tell me my emotion is too much for you to bear

When I can’t speak anymore because no words can reach you

When every possible avenue is blocked and everything I have done is wrong


A drop of rain you will see someday on your dry desert

A dream you wish you had never dreamt in your deepest sleep

A sigh that should never have escaped your conservative lips

A promise you made in the irony of my arms

A word you want to say but never will, I’m still


Copyright May 31 2015. All Rights Reserved.