Artists are truly different from ordinary people.

Whereas everyone experiences grief, fear, anger, frustration, an artist experiences them all BIGGER.

For the average person, when they feel strong emotion, it’s like a giant balloon filling a room.  Pretty soon there is so much balloon that the room stops it from going anywhere.   You have door #1 and door #2 to open, to put some more of that emotion in.   And when that’s filled up too, you have nowhere left to go.

But an artist has door #3.   A door they can open up and be outside the normal bounds of space and time.  It’s a secret room,  a totally empty space, where they can scream or dance or throw rocks, or paint, or make noise, do anything they want to release that emotion.

An artist, in the world of their art, is totally free.   They can take whatever is going on, go into this other dimension, and separate themselves from being its victim.

That’s the difference.  Artists have that gift of space.

You can know someone and feel that you know them well.  But you’ve never been behind their door #3 until you’ve experienced their art.    But to experience that art, is to also see them as purely as possible.  As fully as possible.  You can see the inside of their soul.

You can’t see the inside of anyone else’s soul, usually.

But to see inside a soul you can experience the volume and gravity of that soul.

And an artist’s soul, with those bigger, stronger emotions, is quite heavy.

Artists seem to be the most delicate creatures in the world.

But truth be told, they are the most durable, the hardest working, the most die-hard survivors in the world.

Whereas other people get their hearts broken once or twice, can’t handle it, and resort to drugs or alcohol or jumping off buildings, an artist may experience utter emotional destruction for breakfast on a daily basis.   What if volume were turned up past deafness but you could still hear?  Artists pass that threshold.

They might be ridiculed, attacked, beat up, and still be walking. They might breathe fire and you would just think, well, they’re one of those crazy artists.

Well, what is a “Crazy Artist” but a person whose emotional output is turned up to ten?   It’s a human heart, in technicolor.

Artists are the possibility of what we all could be, if we were freer.  If we could have an unlimited blank canvas to feel any emotion and still live to tell the tale.

What would YOU be like, if you had door #3?

My friend created an amazing statement and I saw the pain and the glory that was her soul.   It was quite intense.    And I thought about how we see each other every day, and I had never understood certain things, until seeing this piece of art.

If she didn’t have Door #3…. I’d never know.    And I would never have been inspired to write this piece about artists.

What’s behind your doors?  What can you do in your empty room?

Actually I believe the only difference between an Artist and someone who’s “Not an Artist”, is the statement itself.  It’s limiting oneself, needing to be within 4 walls.

A lot of people in this world just haven’t been allowed to breathe.

They’ve been taught that breathing is dangerous.

But breathing is, well, breathing.  To an artist, creating is breathing.

As I write this I feel my lungs taking in air.

And I know…… my door is open

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