I’m doing this because I’ve been blogging on Myspace (yes, really) and Facebook for a while now and I want to move away from those platforms.

I’ve got several categories.  I have blogs called “Status Reports” which tend to be comedic, but also sort of serious (reference the “Who is this butterfly anyway?”  section for an explanation of my inexplicable personality.)

I am going to start posting poems and things in a sort of disorganized manner, so just be ready for it.

But I don’t know who I’m talking to yet so I’m just going to consider I’m talking to “The Universe” for right now.

Ever notice how talking to “The Universe” somehow makes you write better? It’s like you imagine this great vista, maybe a million faces looking at you, and somehow your thoughts take shape and there is Prose.    Weird.

Anyway, Universe, hello.

Let’s have some coffee and get started.